Armada Battle

You can boost your ship by plunging system ships and other players ‘ ships, killing sea monsters, collecting crates, and boosters on the sea map. You have the privilege of upgrading your level with pirate tests ,being on top maps, encountering new system ships and more powerful players. But remember, on this road there is a reputation to have and to go to the bottom of the sea!

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We Make Better

Our products has support for all platforms like Web, Mobile and Tablet.

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High Performance

We develop products that can work in almost every device and every device.


We work with our expert screenwriters in the games we develop. At this point we aim to write impressive scripts for our games.

Last Technology

With our expert developer team, we are constantly using the latest technologies.

Perfect Graphics

The graphics in our games are very important to us! We are doing improvements throughout the development process and later on to move our graphics to the top.