Armada Battle

Armada Battle in Exit Story

Developmental Adventure

While doing the game, it is obvious that the real terms related to maritime and piracy have been explored and inspired by many stories related to the subject.
The developer team is made up of experts who are experts in their fields, who have the ability to connect emotionally with the player.
Armada Battle aims to produce online games that appeal to everyone from 7 to 70.


How to play?

– Free registration; web-based game that you can play without downloading or installing. Once you’ve registered for the game, you’ll be in the ocean with a boat in the first stage.
At the beginning everyone starts playing with a certain amount of harpoon, harpoon, ball and gun. There are 2 different currencies, gold and more valuable diamond. You can earn diamonds by collecting crates from the sea map, earn gold by killing sea monsters, and buy additional accessories to your gates. You sink experience points and prizes by sinking system ships and other players.

Story Based Tasks

Tasks with various stories require you to reach specific goals. If you reach the targets, you will win many prizes and experience points that you need to move to the next level.


Finish Piracy Exam and Skip Level

Once you have achieved enough experience points to move to the next level, you will have the opportunity to take the piracy exam. In the piracy exam, you are asked to do many challenging tasks.
If you successfully complete the Piracy exam, you will proceed to the next level.


Collect Friends and Install Armada!

You will compose the Armando, which means the sea navy, which collects your true life friends and boats from the ships that can reach up to 200 in number. You can discover new oceans with your armada, and conquer other Armadalara battle islands you encounter on the sea map.


Special Map to Istanbul!

There are 4 different maps for each level in the rating. The most important feature of the votes cast is the special maps that are not available in different concepts. For example, when you first start the game, you will find a map of Maiden’s Tower, Bosphorus Bridge, Walls, etc. It carries traces of Istanbul.


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